Critical 2.0 Shatter


Critical 2.0 Shatter has an enlightening and mentally stimulating sativa-dominant high that comes on quickly as the THC gently migrates into your mind, body and soul. This cerebrally-heavy buzz will eventually fade over your entire being, leaving you relaxed, happy and slightly aroused.

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Critical 2.0 Shatter is a sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) strain created through crossing the classic Critical Plus with itself. This high-powered marijuana extract brings on the potent effects thanks to its insanely high THC level and long-lasting high.

Aroma: The aroma of this extract is absolutely delightful, with a lemony pine overtone that’s almost Pinesol-like in nature.

Taste: Expect a sweet and spicy citrus pine flavour with an herbal exhale.

High: You’ll feel the enlightening effects of Critical 2.0 quickly as the THC makes its way into your mind, body and soul, extending their tingly sativa-dominant tendrils through and through. This buzz effect will eventually fade over your entire body, leaving you relaxed and slightly aroused. You’ll feel euphoric throughout this state with a hint of the giggles as the tingly effect spreads from limb to limb.

Used For: Energy, mood boost, euphoria, motivation, chronic fatigue, depression, ADD, ADHD, mood swings, chronic stress or anxiety.

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