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Fruit Loops is an indica-dominant strain that has a lineage of proven cannabis strains – Blue Dream, White Widow, Grapefruit and Blueberry. Each contributes to an enticing hybrid with a fruity terpene profile and high levels of THC. Fruit Loops is often described as a ‘must-have’ cannabis strain and is stocked by cannabis outlets and online dispensaries.

As you might expect, Fruit Loops has a tangy, tropical aroma. Breaking open the buds releases the scent of berries and there are spicy undertones. The taste is similarly fruity with notes of berries and a sweetness that is reminiscent of honey.

Fruit Loops is a fast-acting hybrid which starts with a gentle head-high. Shortly after first inhaling users commonly feel uplifted, their nerves are calmed and they experience feelings of euphoria. Users may feel tiredness dissipate and their energy levels rise but, in general, the head-buzz is soothing.

This improved outlook makes Fruit Loops a good choice for social use. Deep conversations and giggles are likely to ensue when used with friends.

Fruit Loops is normally considered a recreational strain and is especially suited to being used at the end of the day. Its particular profile also makes it suitable for relieving stress, depression and PTSD. Fruit Loops may also be used to combat physical ailments such as joint pains, arthritis and muscle cramps.

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1 OZ (28 grams), 1/2 (14 grams), 1/4 (7 grams), 1/8 (3.5 grams)


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