Gelato, sometimes known as TaleOfTwoStrains and ‘Larry Bird’, originated in California and is a balanced indica/sativa (55/45) hybrid. It is recommended by budtenders to those searching for strains that display some of the best qualities of different marijuana strains. Gelato has become a popular ‘all-rounder’ strain that is much in demand from cannabis stores and online dispensaries.

Gelato has a typical indica appearance with thick, tightly-structured buds. Although the trichomes are generally short, so not as bright or prominent as on other strains, the bright orange pistils make the strain visually appealing, especially against dark green and purple leaves.

Many strains claim to possess the best aroma around but Gelato might have a winning case. There isn’t one review of Gelato that doesn’t heap praise on the way it smells. The flowers give off a sweet citrus fragrance combined with an unusual doughy aroma. When grinding Gelato an herbal, earthy pungent scent is released. According to some, the taste of Gelato is almost as enjoyable as Italian ice cream, with notes of pine and hazelnut.

The aroma is heavenly with a fun mix of sweet and citrusy scents. Most report the following mix of smells: lowers of Gelato have a predominant smell of pungent citrus, compliments of fruity parent strain Sunset Sherbert. Notes of yeast and dough can be detected as well. Grinding up or breaking apart the flowers gives off a more herbal, earthy profile.

The even blend of indica and sativa influences makes for a well-balanced high. Gelato serves up an equal scoops of stimulation and sedation. It is also potent, THC levels of around 26% are some of the highest of any strain.

The high hits users in a rush, almost on the first inhale and take the form of both body relaxation and a head-buzz. Often users experience mental stimulation, which may alter perceptions of color, time and sound. Gelato leaves users feeling lucid and aware while in a comfortable, relaxed state.

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